Approving And Paying Meal Allowance Claims

January 22, 2008
A Station Officer recently contacted the Union after he was directed to seek approval from his Inspector before he paid meal allowance claims. Whilst this is not a common occurrence, it is worth reminding members, and more to the point the Department, […]
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November 21, 2007
On going complaints from members in regard to the standard and quality of meals on the fire ground have led to a large number of complaints to the Union. Accordingly members are reminded of the existing Award entitlements. All members […]
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Meal Allowances Increased From 1 July 07

August 1, 2007
Certain allowances in both the Permanent and Retained Awards increased on 1 July 2007. Most of these increased rates reflect a 2.2% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since the last review in March 2006. The accommodation, meal and […]
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Staffing Of Appliance At Jointly-staffed Stations And More

December 23, 2005
Inside this issue: Staffing and checking of appliances at jointly-staffed stations Retained availability “not an issue” Refreshment and meals Union calendars Christmas/New Year shutdown
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General Update

November 7, 2004
Inside this notice: Acting State Secretary LSL quota increased Unions ditch labor FBEU joins Union Shopper Members Equity – The Workers Bank
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Travelling / Meal Allowance Increases

December 23, 1997
The annual review of the meal, travelling and related allowances in the NSW Public Service Travelling Compensation Award, has resulted in an increase to the following rates in the Firefighter’s Awards:
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Travelling Compensation Award Increase

October 8, 1996
Unions representing members employed in the NSW Public Sector recently won adjustments, increasing the rates in the Crown Employees (Travelling Compensation) Award.
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