February 26, 2010

agreementInside this issue:

  • Waratah Dispute settled with new stations and extra jobs
  • Drug and alcohol protocol
  • All permanent members fined today

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February 13, 2010

Inside this issue:

  • Waratah dispute update
  • Bullying and harrassment
  • Retained response during training and drills
  • Tragic news

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January 22, 2010
waratah FSInside this issue:
  • Waratah dispute update
  • PSTP2 done but not dusted
  • Better deal for remote area members
  • Footy knee jerks?
  • Final word on 2010 membership cards
Waratah dispute update
The statewide ban on outduties that commenced on 1 January remains firmly in place. In proceedings before the IRC on 14 January the Department protested that our outduty ban was costing management $11,000 per day, so after 22 consecutive days we presume the bill has hit $220,000. Stay tuned.
PSTP2 done but not dusted
Today’s In Orders 2010/2 includes new and additional PSTP pre-requisites for sitting the annual SOPP pre-entry test. The Union argued that the introduction of these new competencies (an additional 6 units) represented increased work and qualifications without any corresponding increase in pay. While the Industrial Relations Commission accepted the Department’s argument that the new units should be introduced, it also acknowledged the Union’s concerns over additional work and qualifications and recommended that the Union raise the matter as part of our 2011 award negotiations.
Over the coming weeks the Union will be working with the Department to finalise the recognition of prior learning (RPL) arrangements for Senior Firefighters and Station Officers who progressed under the previous AFC module system, thereby allowing nationally recognised qualifications for all members.
Better deal for remote area members
Today’s In Orders also confirm the improved conditions recently secured by the Union for permanent members stationed in remote areas, with members at Broken Hill and Moree now entitled to reimbursements for every annual leave period and not only once per annum.
Footy knee jerks?
The Department has introduced new touch football rules in an attempt to reduce its workers compensation exposure, with the traditional rugby-style try now outlawed in favour of US-style “touch downs”. Whilst this may seem like an over-reaction, it’s not as severe as management’s original proposal for Station Officers to record formal pre-game risk assessments of every park and sporting venue throughout NSW. When the Union pointed out that this was not only demeaning to members but also ridiculous given that these same venues are used safely by thousands of children every weekend, the Department relented.
Final word on 2010 membership cards
A final reminder on 2010 Union membership cards with incorrect member numbers (usually one missing digit). Our card supplier has accepted responsibility for the error and will carry the cost of all replaced cards, so if you would like a replacement card please email your request to office@fbeu.net.
Jim Casey
State Secretary

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