Fact Sheets & FAQs

Current Fact Sheets, Guides and FAQs

The following are explanatory guides to assist members in accessing their entitlements. Members who are advised differently or who have any further questions should submit an industrial inquiry by clicking here or contact the Union Office.

Retained Availability and Attendance

Business as usual: the new 2014 Retained Award

Availability, attendance and the new 2014 Retained Award

Permanent Rostering and Leave

Carer’s Leave Statutory Declarations – Form and advice

Joint FRNSW/FBEU guide on PCOS, alternative rosters and 24 hour shifts

Clause 8 Hours of Work amendments and explanatory notes

Fact sheet on the 40 hour week and permanent Award’s roster allowance

Standing off guide and worksheet

Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave guide

Sick Leave and Attendance Management Policy guide

TOLing guide

Permanent Progression and Promotion

Leading Firefighter Progression FAQs

Leading Station Officer Progression FAQs

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol frequently asked questions


426 Perisher Valley Agreed Staffing Arrangements

Mental Health Resources and fact sheets

Social media and online comment guide

Workplace Video Surveillance, including fire grounds

Disciplinary Appeals

Note: On and from 24 February 2014 the following Promotion Appeals guides will no longer be applicable due to the Liberal Government’s decision to remove public sector workers’ appeal rights from the NSW Industrials Relation Act.

Promotion Appeals