Inspectors’ “Z” Relieving to Stop

July 4, 2000

Further to the decision of the last Sub-Branch meeting and the endorsement of that decision by our Union’s State Committee, “Z” Relieving will now be stopped from 1800 hours this Friday, 7 July.
As it stands, there is no capacity for “Z” Relieving within the Award and every member is expected to be assigned to a permanent Platoon. Shift work can be disruptive enough to members’ personal lives when our shift patterns are known well in advance, but it can be virtually impossible to plan ahead if you don’t know what shift you will be working from one month to the next.

Sub-Branch Executive members met with the Manager Operational Personnel yesterday in an attempt to resolve this question. As a result it is now hoped that all “Z” Inspectors will be allocated a permanent Platoon by this Friday, although further discussions with the Department this week should clarify this.

In any event, it has now been determined that the following Union instruction is to be observed by members from 1800 hours Friday, 7 July 2000:
With the exception of those members relieving in Comms or FIRU, all members are to be allocated a permanent Platoon by 1800 hours this Friday.

Any member who has not been allocated a Platoon by that time is to remain on the Platoon which they are currently working until advised otherwise by the Union.

From this Friday onwards there is to be no working on another Platoon other than by way of overtime, save for voluntary relief duties which may be performed in Wollongong and/or Newcastle (see next point).

In the case of relief duties performed in Wollongong and/or Newcastle, a member will still be required to perform relief periods which occur on the relieving members’ own Platoon. However, if a relief period is on another Platoon then a member may elect to temporarily change Platoons for that relief period, but they cannot be directed to do so. Any member electing to do so must revert back to their permanent Platoon upon their return to Sydney.

Members are reminded that the provisions of Award Clause 27 – Notice of Transfer apply to all members, Inspectors and Relieving Inspectors included.
This instruction will remain in force until further notice. Any queries should be directed to myself and/or Sub-Branch Executive members in the first instance.

Graham Webb
Senior Officers’ Sub-Branch Secretary
for State Secretary
Wednesday 5th July, 2000



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