Operational use of Aerial Pumper FBY112

March 20, 2006

On 23rd January and again on 1st February the Union banned the use of the SEV aerial appliance FBY 112 because of safety issues raised by our members who were expected to respond in this vehicle to emergency incidents.

The department gave assurances that the vehicle was safe to drive, even though it broke down whilst responding to emergencies on three occasions in the spate of a couple of days.

The department has again instructed our members to use the same appliance whilst the aerial pumper at Albury is sent away for service.

The Union hereby instructs our members to road test and thoroughly check the appliance for safety and if they are not convinced that the appliance is 100% safe to drive, they are not to staff it.

Members are to inform the union immediately of the safety issues.

The FBEU will not compromise on our members’ safety.

Craig Harris

State Secretary



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