SITREP 05/2017

February 10, 2017

Notice of February SGM

A Special General Meeting will be held at 10am next Wednesday, 15 February at Trades Hall Auditorium, 377 Sussex Street Sydney to vote on the proposed 2017 Permanent and Retained Awards.

As per Rule 11, the Trades Hall meeting is technically the only SGM meeting, and the only meeting at which motions may be amended. Sub-Branch meetings will then consider and vote on each question, as finalised by the Trades Hall meeting, as follows:

Day Meeting / Sub-Branch Time Location


15 February

SGM (open) 1000 hrs Trades Hall Auditorium, Sydney
Newcastle 1300 hrs 357 Stn. Lambton
Sydney South West 1330 hrs 8 Stn. Liverpool
Central Coast 1400 hrs 304 Stn. Gosford
Country 1700 hrs 452 Stn. Tamworth
Country 1800 hrs 373 Stn. East Maitland
Illawarra 1800 hrs 503 Stn. Wollongong
Country 1800 hrs 238 Stn. Broken Hill
Country 1800 hrs 280 Stn. Dubbo
Sydney Central West 1900 hrs 27 Stn. Parramatta
Country 1900 hrs 216 Stn. Bathurst
Retained 1900 hrs All Retained Stations #


16 February

Country 0730 hrs 412 Stn. Orange
Sydney South 0800 hrs 21 Stn. Kogarah
Sydney North 0830 hrs 51 Stn. Forestville
SGM (close) 1000 hrs 97 Stn, Huntingwood


Note that any Union member (permanent or retained) may attend any Sub-Branch meeting and vote on any General Meeting question, even if they are not a member of that Sub-Branch.

#          The Retained Sub-Branch will be meeting at 7pm at every retained station where 7 or more Union members will be present. All members should check with other members at your station to ensure that at least 7 Union members will be present. If this appears unlikely then arrangements should be made to attend another station’s meeting with a quorum of 7 or more members.

The State Committee is giving members the option at this SGM to support the proposed Awards (Q’s 1 & 2), or new Awards on identical terms as the current Awards, but with 2.5% pa wage increases over 3 years (Q’s 1a & 2a). The State Committee is recommending the members support Q1 and Q2, and reject Q1a and Q2a, but I encourage all members to review and discuss the proposed Awards, and to follow the discussion on our online Members’ Forum.

Attached to this SITREP is the SGM agenda and an overview of proposed Permanent Award posted online with SITREP 4. A similar overview of the proposed Retained Award will follow on Monday.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

  • For a copy of the SGM Agenda click here.
  • For a copy of the Permanent Award overview click here.
  • For a copy of the proposed Permanent Award 2017 click here.
  • For a copy of the proposed Retained Award 2017 click here.
  • For a printable version of this SITREP click here.



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