SITREP 24/2017

June 30, 2017

  • Northern Rivers and Cyclone Debbie – update #2
  • J and Z Relieving to finish by 30 June – update #2
  • Workers comp strike 5th anniversary
  • 2017 Rex Threlfo Annual Toast

Northern Rivers and Cyclone Debbie – update #2

This week, the Union filed a prosecution in the Local Court for a breach of the Permanent Award for the Northern Rivers deployments and we have our first appearance scheduled for 9 August. I say first as there will be multiple. The timeframes are unknown at this stage as prosecutions in the Local Court for such matters are not common, and we have already been delayed by the Court’s processes.

Updates will follow as our prosecution progresses, but members who receive any additional payments related to the Northern Rivers deployment are asked to email the Union office (

Cyclone Debbie is somewhat different, with the Department having now agreed to conduct an audit to rectify identified underpayments. This should include payment of the accommodation allowance for each day. We will continue pressing the Department to ensure that all entitlements are paid correctly.

J and Z Relieving to finish by 30 June – update #2

Further to SITREPs 9 and 17, the Department took the Union to the IRC this week seeking the Commission’s support for J and Z relieving to continue beyond today. The IRC didn’t exactly see the things the Department’s way, instead recommending that the parties continue to discuss the issue and set the matter down for a report back this coming Monday 3 July.

The Union has in good faith offered to extend our agreement until at least then, when we anticipate the matter will be resolved, so today’s previously notified deadline for the termination of J and Z relieving will not take effect and J and Z relievers should continue to work as usual until notified otherwise by the Union. More next week.

Workers comp strike 5th anniversary

It may surprise members to know that last week was the fifth anniversary of the FBEU’s successful strike over the O’Farrell Government’s attack on workers comp. It was a significant victory for firefighters that has meant literally millions of dollars more support for injured members who otherwise would not have been covered under the Coalition’s vicious workers comp “reforms”.

Five years is a long time and there are now over 1,000 members who have joined the job and the Union since then who may not be aware of the debt of gratitude that we all owe to those members who took the difficult – but necessary – decision to strike that day in defence of injured workers generally, and firefighters in particular. It remains a special page in our Union’s long and proud history.

2017 Rex Threlfo Annual Toast

Members are reminded that tickets remain on sale for the 3rd Rex Threlfo Annual Toast to be held at Doltone House Hyde Park on Tuesday 18 July. See the Union’s website for a link to our ticket sales site.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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