SITREP 37/2017

November 10, 2017

Inside this issue:

  • Statutory Declarations: Dispute settled with new agreed form
  • ComSafe jobs open now for Retained members
  • New Regional Training Roster

Statutory Declarations: Dispute settled with new agreed form

Union bans and conciliation by the IRC has resulted in the resolution of this dispute with a new Stat Dec form that both parties agree satisfy the Carer’s Leave requirements of our Awards. While the Union’s previous advice that you do not need to use the Department’s Stat Dec form stands and members remain able to use any form that complies with the NSW Oaths Act, the Union recommends use of this new and agreed Stat Dec form which can be found by clicking here.

The Union successfully argued against the provision of a name for de facto partners as none of the Department’s business. Assuming the same sex marriage survey result is yes then the Stat Dec may soon need changing to extend this anonymity to spouses, but for now at least the name of the person cared for is still required in the two remaining options. The agreed Stat Dec is also clearer and removes any confusion about what information is required. For example, one member’s Stat Dec to care for his father was rejected by the Department last week because the member did not state that he lived with his father, even though the Award does not require him to. The new Stat Dec will avoid errors like that.

Members who have had their Stat Decs rejected over the past month are advised to contact the Union next week to check whether you need to submit a new Stat Dec. In some cases (for example, if a name was not provided) then the answer will probably be yes while others that we have seen should be fine, but we will need to review each form and argue with the Department on a case by case basis.

Finally, Station Officer members have been asking what they should do with the backlog of e-AIRS reports caused by our admin bans that are now showing as incomplete. The Union’s traditional policy on no catch-up work following bans is to be observed and members are instructed to mark any reports outstanding as a result of those bans with “did not attend”, and to send them back.

ComSafe jobs open now for Retained members

Further negotiations and Union pressure since SITREP 33 have led to permanent firefighter vacancies being advertised in this week’s Commissioner’s Orders 2017/22 and open to both permanent and retained members with at least 48 months service. Applications close 6 December. An update on the wider OS dispute is expected to follow in SITREP 38 following further IRC proceedings next week.

New Regional Training Roster

The Union has secured agreement for a new Regional Training Roster for Regional Instructors (including Regional Rescue Instructors) based outside of the GSA. A revised roster was first raised during Award negotiations earlier this year and ongoing consultation with the affected members has delivered a new default roster that is better suited to the training and travel these members undertake. The new Regional Training Roster will operate from 24 November 2017 until 19 February 2019 unless both parties agree to extend it and can be found by clicking here.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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