SITREP 4/2018

February 23, 2018

  • 2018 Election of State Committee of Management
    Nominations now open
  • Recalls and kms – clarification

2018 Election of State Committee of Management
Nominations now open

The NSW Electoral Commission has been appointed by the Industrial Registrar to conduct this year’s tri-ennial elections for the Union’s State Committee of Management. Please click here for a copy of the Electoral Commission’s election notice. Please ensure that the election notice is brought to the attention of all members and placed in a prominent position on the notice board at your station/workplace.

The timetable for this year’s elections is as follows:

Roll of voters (financial members) closes:                 Friday 16 February
Nominations open:                                                         Friday 23 February
Nominations close:                                                         Thursday 15 March at 1700 hours
Deadline for withdrawal of nominations:                  Thursday 22 March at 1200 hours
Ballot papers posted:                                                      Thursday 5 April
Close of poll:                                                                     Thursday 26 April at 1700 hours
Count of poll:                                                                    Friday 27 April at 0900 hours

The last three dates are later than provided for by the Union’s rules and were determined by the NSW Electoral Commission owing to the Easter holiday period and revised (slower) postal delivery times.

Nomination forms are available by clicking here and the NSW Electoral Commission.

The roll of voters has now closed but members’ postal addresses will continue to be updated between now and the posting of ballot papers. Members who have changed address but have not yet let the Union know, or who simply aren’t sure, should complete a change of address form via the Union’s website as soon as possible to allow us to check and, if necessary, update your records to ensure that you receive your voting material.

Any enquiries concerning this election may be directed to Andrea Jackson at the NSW Electoral Commission, on telephone (02) 9290 5447.

Recalls and kms – clarification

Last week’s Sitrep 3 item led some members to mistakenly conclude that the Permanent Award had changed or that the Union had agreed to revised arrangements for recall kilometers as a result of the Department’s e-Recall trial that was due to commence this week. Not so.

The current entitlements to recall kilometres have been in place since 2014 and remain fixed by Award subclause 9.8, so any member who has performed a recall (within Sydney or elsewhere) since then and who was not paid return kilometres from their recall base station (as explained in Sitrep 3) is entitled to backpay and should submit a claim for same asap.

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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