Annual & Special General Meetings Results

November 1, 2019

This week has seen over 500 members attend Annual and Special General Meetings held all around the state with the final meeting held at 97 Stn Huntingwood this morning.  It was great to listen to the discussion and debates raised at these meetings and its good to see members engaged and supporting Agenda Issues. The votes were declared on each question at todays meeting and are as follows:


Motion Support Reject Abstain
AGM – Adoption of Minutes  521 2 19
AGM – Greg Matthews Life Membership  499 14 19
SGM – Medical First Responder  473 62 34
SGM – Possession of credit card in Contravention of Policy 493 29 43
SGM – Misuse of credit card and Misappropriation of Union funds 490 29 44
SGM – Failure to Carry out a decision of State Committee of Management 481 31 48


As reported at the meetings I attended, there will be meetings called in late November or early December to report back on the Permanent and Retained award discussions. Thanks to all members who attended.


Leighton Drury

State Secretary

You can download a copy of this SitRep here.




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