SitRep 42/2021

August 6, 2021

COVID update 

As most members would be aware Newcastle and the lower Hunter were added to the Greater Sydney Region lockdown area. The current restrictions for Members working in these areas can be found here. 

All other areas are under Level two restrictions. 

The FBEU and FRNSW are continuing to work together to find workable solutions to training, promotional courses, PPC, HR burns etc .

As always our number one priority is our members health and safety and that forms the basis of all our discussions, but we are working well with the COVID IMT to also ensure we can keep the trucks rolling.   Ongoing discussions include rapid antigen testing, capacity to safely run promotional and other necessary training courses, PPC improvements, inter agency COVID testing sites, vaccination leave and priority vaccinations for firefighters. 

Members should check their emails from FRNSW for further information on priority vaccination, as there has been some movement in West and South Western Sydney. 

I’d like to thank all the members who are seeking alternate work arrangements and other COVID related issues for their patience and understanding this week. Large numbers of enquiries continue to come in and we are working hard with the Department to accommodate as many people as possible. 

For all COVID related matters please use the new dedicated FBEU email address and as before  

Retained Pager Replacement  

 In SitRep 28/2021, we outlined several concerns with the new pager system proposed by FRNSW for Retained staff.   Since then, seven stations have been trialling the pagers and giving us their feedback. We have had two meetings with FRNSW where these concerns have been raised. 

To read more about what was discussed in these meetings, what to do if you’re at one of the stations trialling the pagers, or if you want to provide any concerns or thoughts, please follow this link. 


 This week we said farewell to Max Murphy, FBEU Organiser for Regional & Metro West. Max has been a fantastic asset to our Union, driving vast improvements in member engagement and participation in collective issues. 

In particular we acknowledge Max’s disciplined approach to organising and the many km’s he has travelled to represent FBEU members face-to-face. From Parramatta to Broken Hill, any members who worked with Max will acknowledge his fierce commitment to building our Union’s collective strength and giving the membership its voice back.  Max will continue his work within the NSW Union movement, so although he won’t be working with us, his work will in some way still be for us. We wish Max all the best. 

 It’s not all departures though. 

On Wednesday the FBEU welcomed Julie Gordon to our industrial team.  Julie has over 20 years’ experience working in Industrial Relations, including over 15 years working for Unions, as an Organiser, Industrial Officer and Lawyer. Julie brings a wealth of experience in engaging and representing members in the workplace, as well as running matters in the IRC.   We are both fortunate and excited to have Julie on board! 

In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

You can find a copy of the SitRep here.



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