Sitrep 57/2022 – Member Meetings – Log of Claims

November 7, 2022

FBEU Award Negotiations Log of Claims – Member meetings


Last week we asked members to complete a survey to provide feedback on what you would like to see in the Firefighting Awards as we head into the 2023 negotiation round.

We have scheduled meetings to go along with the survey and encourage you to attend the relevant meeting for your work area. If you are unable to attend your work area’s meeting, you are welcome to attend another one.

Note that we ask that you only attend one meeting. This is to allow all members to have sufficient time to have their say. You will be required to set your zoom name so that we can ensure that you are an FBEU member.

The zoom links are available by clicking here.

Thursday 10 November 0700 – Education & Training (in person at ESA Orchard Hills)

Thursday 10 November 1200 – Permanent Regional North/West/South (zoom)

Thursday 10 November 1400 – Permanent Metro North/South (zoom)

Friday 11 November 1300 – Permanent Metro West (zoom)

Friday 11 November 1500 – Permanent Metro East (zoom)

Monday 14 November 1800 – Retained Regional North/South (zoom)

Tuesday 15  November 1300 – Senior Officer Sub Branch (zoom)

Tuesday 15 November 1800 – Retained Regional West/Metro West (zoom)

Wednesday 16 November 0900 – Comms (In person at Newcastle, by zoom for others)

Wednesday 16 November 1800 – Retained Metro North (zoom)

Thursday 17 November 1800 – Retained Metro South/East (zoom)

In Unity

Leighton Drury

State Secretary

A printable copy of this Sitrep can be downloaded here.



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