Sitrep 49: Presumptive Campaign; 2023 Delegates’ (and HSRs’) Conference

October 5, 2023

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Presumptive Legislation Campaign

FBEU 2023 Delegates’ Conference 28-29 November


Presumptive Legislation Campaign

On the back of the declaration from the World Health Organisation IARC in 2022 which cited firefighting as a ‘cancer-causing profession’, various jurisdictions across the country have successfully expanded presumptive legislation for firefighters to include a number of additional occupational cancers.

The additional cancers and their qualifying periods include:

  • Lung – 15 years
  • Skin – 15 years
  • Cervical – 10 years
  • Ovarian – 10 years
  • Penile – 15 years
  • Pancreatic – 10 years
  • Thyroid – 10 years
  • Malignant mesothelioma – 15 years
  • Uterine – 10 years

Along with the existing cancers covered in NSW Presumptive Legislation, a growing body of research is demonstrating that firefighters are at an increased risk of developing these cancers by virtue of the job we perform to protect the community. 

As noted in Sitrep 61/2022, it is imperative that the Minns Government prioritise their efforts to expand state-based presumptive legislation for FBEU members here in NSW to ensure equal coverage for what is becoming world’s best practice. 

The FBEU has made various representations before State Government about this matter, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that we will be required to double-down on our efforts to ensure FBEU members have the same protection as other firefighters across the border.

As part of our ongoing conversations with Government, who are the ultimate decision makers in this case, we are seeking members’ input to ensure FBEU members have the same level of protection as firefighters across Australia and the world.

At this initial stage, we are calling on all current and retired firefighters with lived experience with these cancers to get in touch via this link.

More to follow shortly.

FBEU 2023 Delegates’ Conference 28-29 November 

Registrations are now open for the 2023 FBEU Delegates’ Conference.

FBEU Delegates and HSRs will be meeting in Sydney between midday Tuesday 28th and Wednesday the 29th of November to discuss current FBEU industrial issues and campaigns, along with planning for further reform in our awards.  

Accommodation will be available on the night of the 28th for those who require it. The conference will include dinner on the Tuesday and lunch on the Wednesday, along with morning and afternoon tea throughout. 

Trade Union leave will be required for those rostered during conference dates and attendees are encouraged to notify the Union of their circumstances on the RSVP link below. 

If you have questions around travel, accommodation or leave, email us at or call (02) 9218 3444 as soon as possible so that we can begin locking in numbers. 

Please RSVP here and we look forward to seeing you in November.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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