SitRep 2/2024

January 19, 2024

Health Screening Transition

As advised in last week’s Sitrep, the Health Screening Transition Working Party met this week to continue consultation on the new Health Screening Program. The parties are close to finalising the necessary documentation to allow members to transition to the new system whereby you will be able to complete your health screen with your own nominated health practitioner.

FRNSW has advised that they expect there to be about a 1-month delay on the time frames we indicated last week due to the ongoing workload. Therefore, if you were due to complete a health check or take any action in relation to your health check after 3 December 2023 and you haven’t heard from FRNSW yet, await further information from FRNSW about the new system, which we hope members will begin to receive by late March early April.

In the meantime, consultation on the PFAS testing and cancer screening as achieved in the last Award has begun in more detail at this meeting and we hope to be able to provide a further update on the progress of these additional programs in the coming weeks.

Unauthorised Pay Changes

We have become aware of Operational Staffing changing Permanent Firefighters’ hours without agreement, notification, or authorisation, leading to recovery of alleged underpayments without notification being provided to members.

While we will deal with that issue at the source, it is a good reminder to regularly check your pay slips to ensure you are being paid what you are entitled to. Even a small underpayment to you or a minor error could be a symptom of a larger problem that is affecting other people than just you. Get in touch with the Union office if you believe Ops Staffing have changed your hours, and for any other pay discrepancies, contact HR Payroll in the first instance and if the issue remains unresolved, contact the office on 9218 3444 or

Retained Relief Entitlements

We regularly receive enquiries into the office with confusion or concerns about what Retained are entitled to when they perform relief work. You can find a cheat sheet by clicking here. You should print this out and place it at your station, so you and other Union members are aware of their entitlements. If you make a claim for any entitlement that is in line with the requirements in this sheet and the request is rejected, contact your manager in the first instance and send a copy of the sheet, and if they continue to refuse, contact the Union office on 9218 3444 or

Membership Cards are out!

By now you should have received your 2024 membership card and stickers, if you haven’t yet received your card and stickers then please click here and update your details.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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