SitRep 9/2024

February 27, 2024

Firefighters down tools to demand Government and FRNSW come to the table with a bargaining offer

In coordinated action, eight pumps from across the metro came offline yesterday and descended on the NSW Parliament. Joined by the FBEU State Committee, members gathered to protest the disrespect the Government is currently showing Professional Firefighters.

But not the Premier, the Minister nor any other Government representative sought to address the Union.

With media in attendance, it was made clear to the Government that this stop-work marks the start of a broader industrial campaign which members of our Union will continue to escalate until such time as an offer is put on the table.

I want to thank all members for your commitment and solidarity in this process, particularly those who attended yesterday. As for the rest our members, rest assured that our Bans Committee have guaranteed that more action is on the table if our very reasonable demands are not met.

In the meantime, all Code Reds remain in place and further campaign updates will follow.

Follow the links below for media coverage of yesterday’s stop-work:

2GB Radio Interview

Daily Telegraph article

7 News Regional TV


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In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary



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