SitRep 28/2024

April 17, 2024


 Following on from last week’s conciliation before Commissioner McDonald, FRNSW has written to us with a potential way forward to break the current state of negotiations.

This proposal seeks that the FBEU consider a further 1-year Award for the 2024 Awards, with negotiations to continue immediately on the further two years during the next 12 months. Correspondence from FRNSW seeking this can be found here.

Given that we already have had one previous 1-year Award, we are naturally hesitant about any such proposal however, in good faith, we have today written back to FRNSW advising that we are prepared to further discuss the proposal subject to particular terms. A copy of our correspondence can be found here. 

In effect, we have been clear that any 1-year deal would ultimately be up to you, the membership to decide if you are prepared to accept. Further, we have clearly outlined the minimum terms which would need to be included as part of a total resolution including:

  • 10% wage increase for 2024.
  • Heads of Agreement (a public document outlining the agreed parameters for the Awards going forward) on the final 2 years with a confirmed expiry date of 25 February 2027.
  • Various productivity measures (outlined in our correspondence)
  • Ability to run work value provisions.



With the current good faith discussions on the Awards, and more importantly, in consideration of the recent violent and distressing events in our community, we will not be moving forward with further industrial action this week. With the community, media and many politicians’ attention rightly focused on other matters now, not only would such action not be appropriate, but it would also not be as effective at this time.

I can assure you though that we are not slowing down or giving up, and we will re-assess the situation next as to the appropriateness of continuing/escalating our action.

In the meantime, all other current Code Reds remain in place.



 With the ballot closing at 5pm, Tuesday 30 April 2024, members are reminded to make sure you get your ballot completed and returned ASAP to ensure it arrives via Australia Post to the NSW Electoral Commission before the close of ballot date. 

Instructions for how to vote are provided with the ballot papers. Please ensure you carefully read and follow all instructions to make sure your vote counts.

With only two weeks left to get your ballot back an urgent reminder, if you have not received a ballot, or have a concern that your postal address may be incorrect, you need to contact the NSW Electoral Commission directly on 1300 135 736 or email on immediately.

Also, a reminder for those who have a water damaged ballot, where ballot paper and envelopes are still readable, you can still complete your ballot as long as you are able to complete the declaration on the Ballot paper only envelope and return the ballot material in the reply-paid envelope.

If your ballot paper has been too damaged to complete again, please contact the NSW Electoral Commission immediately via the above contacts for a new ballot paper.

In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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