Sitrep 39 – Irc Issues Recommendation On Health Checks! And Frnsw Publish New Risk Assessment On Infectious Diseases

August 10, 2023

Award Update – IRC Issues Recommendation re Health Checks  As notified to members in the last Sitrep, following our attendance at the IRC last week for the conciliation on the Awards, and specifically regarding our claim to replace the current […]

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Sitrep 38: Updates On Award Negotiations And Covid Vaccination Policy

August 4, 2023

Award Negotiations Update Award negotiations are continuing to progress closer to final resolution. This week we returned to the IRC for further conciliation regarding health checks. This was becoming a real sticking point for resolution of the Awards. Members obviously […]

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Sitrep 37/2023

July 21, 2023

Consultancy Inquiry Submission Following this week’s announcement of the departure of Paul Baxter as FRNSW Commissioner, the agency has had extensive media coverage for all the wrong reasons.    As cited in Sitrep #36, there are significant legacy issues left behind […]

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Sitrep 36/2023

July 17, 2023

FRNSW part ways with Commissioner Paul Baxter  Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib has this afternoon announced the resignation of Commissioner Paul Baxter. On behalf of members of the FBEU, we wish Paul all the best with his future endeavours outside […]

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Code Red – Station Service Delivery Plans

July 14, 2023

In July 2022, the FBEU and the Department started consulting on two additions to the Station Planning System. Part A was the introduction of additional data, gathered from ESS, SRS, SAP, SSRM, ORP and SPS into the one place. The […]

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Sitrep 35/2023: Vax Policy; Inquiry Into Consultants

July 14, 2023

FRNSW Covid-19 Vaccination Policy Proposed to be Replaced The FBEU received correspondence on Monday from FRNSW advising that they intend to replace the current stand-alone Covid-19 Vaccination Policy with a new Vaccination and Screening Requirements policy. The draft of this policy […]

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Sitrep 34/2023

July 7, 2023

Award Update Award negotiations have progressed between us and FRNSW this week. We were able to meet on both Monday and Tuesday and we continue to move forward with discussions on our Log of Claims, in particular key items around […]

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Code Red – Returning To Scenes Of Traumatic Events

July 1, 2023

All members are aware that dealing with traumatic events and critical incidents can be mentally and emotionally demanding, and that subsequent exposures to the scene of these events can have a damaging impact on the mental health of our members. […]

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Sitrep 33/2023: Award Update, Vaccination Policy Update

June 30, 2023

Award Update Further to Monday’s sitrep I just wanted to quickly update you to confirm that we have continued to meet with FRNSW this week for Award negotiations, and have scheduled a further two meetings for Monday and Tuesday next […]

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Sitrep 32 – Update On Award Negotiations

June 27, 2023

Award Negotiations Continuing Following on from our last Sitrep regarding Award negotiations, and in line with the outcome of the last IRC conciliation, I, along with your FBEU negotiating team, have met with Senior FRNSW representatives including the Executive Director […]

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Sitrep 31: Pay Negotiations, Awol Aps And Pink Tagging

June 16, 2023

Update on Award Negotiations  FRNSW and the FBEU were in the IRC for conciliation on the Awards yesterday but before I update you, I think it’s important we remind ourselves of some relevant context. As you all would be aware, […]

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Sitrep 30: Government 4% Pay Offer

June 6, 2023

Government’s 4.0% pay offer Yesterday, the Treasurer announced an offer of a 4% wage increase for NSW public sector workers, plus a .05% increase to your superannuation. While this is an improvement on the 2.5% (minus super) wages cap of […]

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