2022 April Sgm

April 1, 2022

April 2022 SGM Meeting Dates The first Special General Meeting will be held at 0900am Monday, 4 April at Yeo Park in Ashfield and the closing meeting will be held at 1230hrs on Friday 8 April at East Gosford Football […]

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Sitrep 17/2022

March 28, 2022

Disciplinary Matters A number of Members have, over recent months, been subject to a disciplinary process by FRNSW. The Union wishes to remind Members that if you receive correspondence by FRNSW regarding a conduct/disciplinary matter you should contact us as […]

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Sitrep 16/2022

March 25, 2022

COVID Update On Tuesday, the FBEU met with FRNSW to discuss measures to combat the increasing number of COVID-19 cases that are concerningly prevalent within the community. Both parties agree that the Rapid Antigen Testing Program has been successful and […]

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2022 Sub-branch Election – Stage One Results

March 25, 2022

Stage One of the current round of FBEU Sub-Branch Elections for the coming three-year term 2022-2025 concluded on Tuesday 15 March, the results of which were as follows: ELECTED UNOPPOSED Central Coast Sub-Branch No Nominations Received Illawarra Sub-Branch Stuart James (Wollongong) Newcastle […]

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Sitrep 15/2022

March 18, 2022

Awards Listed for Directions in IRC Members are advised that the Industrial Relations Commission have listed the dispute regarding the Awards for 29 March. This listing is only for preliminary directions regarding the matter. Members will be updated following the issuing […]

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Sitrep 14/2022

March 7, 2022

CFU Backdown  Over the weekend FBEU became aware that Fire and Rescue NSW were calling for Community Fire Unit’s to respond to flood affected areas.  The FBEU was not informed or consulted in regard to this proposal.  Today we have […]

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Sitrep 13/2022

March 4, 2022

Award Update As per our previous communications to Members, both the FBEU and the Department have now filed disputes regarding the Awards with the Commission. These disputes include both parties preferred draft Awards for both Permanent and Retained Firefighters which […]

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Sitrep 12/2022

February 25, 2022

Award Negotiation Update  This week the Department and FBEU met in relation to Award negotiations. This was our final scheduled negotiation meeting ahead of the current Awards expiring today.  At this meeting it became apparent that a key sticking point […]

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2022 Sub-branch Executive Committee Elections

February 22, 2022

Nominations are called from members to fill one of three (3) Committeeperson positions on their Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the term 2022-2025, as follows: Central Coast Sub-Branch (CCSB) Country Sub-Branch (CSB) Illawarra Sub-Branch (ISB) Newcastle Sub-Branch (NSB) Retained Sub-Branch (RSB) […]

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Sitrep 11/2022

February 16, 2022

Award Update Yesterday your FBEU Bargaining Team met with Department Representatives in our fourth bargaining meeting. This meeting was an opportunity for the Department to respond to the claims put forward by FBEU Representatives on behalf of Members. Despite correspondence […]

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Sitrep 10/2022

February 7, 2022

Award update Following on from our previous communications, the FBEU Log of Claims has now overwhelming been endorsed by members and provided to the Department on Friday, three days ahead of our meeting which was held this afternoon. The FBEU […]

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Sitrep 09/2022

February 4, 2022

Award Update The process of endorsing the Log of Claims for this round of bargaining has now been completed. The process has identified overwhelming support from members in the bargaining priorities put forward by the FBEU Bargaining Team and SCoM, […]

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