Oxygen Breathing Apparatus Staffing Levels

October 2, 1996
The Sub Branch Executive has been made aware of recent instances where the full level of qualified O2 Breathing Apparatus operators for 422 station, Port Kembla has not been maintained.
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Attention Ba/hazmat Section Newcastle

March 8, 1996
As per Bans & Restrictions Notice dated 6th March, 1996, please be informed that this includes the general maintenance and servicing of BA sets other than emergency circumstances.  All drills and training are included in the bans also.
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Instruction To All Members: O2ba & Fitness Assessments Banned

February 5, 1996
At it’s meeting of 30th January, 1996 the Union’s State Committee of Management considered the question of firefighter voluntary physical fitness assessments and the more specific question of revised medical assessments for O2BA (BG174) qualified operators.
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