Sitrep 54 – Award Payments And Backpay

October 27, 2023
Award payments and back pay The FBEU has been advised by FRNSW that they intend to start processing new Award entitlements and back payment of wage increases and other entitlements over the coming weeks. At this stage indicative dates we […]
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Groupgardens, And Star Certificates!

July 30, 1997
Many members recently discovered inconsistencies between the total yearly earnings figure on their final pay sheet and that on their Group Certificate. The Union immediately advised members not to submit their Taxation Returns before the Department was able to explain […]
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Bans Imposed – Failure Of Stargarden

March 26, 1997
Members would be aware of the Union’s grave concerns over Stargarden, the Department’s payroll system.  This week has again highlighted the ongoing and chronic problems that continue to plague member’s pay. For this fortnight’s pay, the Department has advised the […]
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