Reminder Four Hour Recalls

March 17, 2009
Reminder: Four-hour minimum Recall back pay claims This notice was published on 13 Februry 2009 and is republished in full for the benefit of members that may have missed it. As you’ll see, time is running out for the Union […]
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Wages And Backpay

October 9, 2008
Following settlement of the Union’s wage campaign the Department has now commenced paying the new 2008 Awards’ rates of pay and allowances on and from Friday 26 September, so the increased rates should first appear in all members’ pays today, […]
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Recalls To Picton – Return Transport Of Gear

August 7, 2003
It has come to the attention of the Union that the Department are cynically manipulating the Award provisions relating to the transport of members gear back to their base station when they do a recall to Picton.
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