Fbeu Policy Re Rfs/nswfb Joint Training

May 15, 1998
Members would be aware of the Minister’s previous direction that “the two services should compliment each other, not compete”. However, many RFS Brigades continue to operate CABA, urban pumping appliances and other structural offensive firefighting equipment either within or very […]
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Update Of Rural Fire Service

January 9, 1998
Lately, the public could be forgiven for thinking that there was only one Fire Service in this state (who do that other lot work for, and what was the name of that other Commissioner again?). The silence from Prudential Tower […]
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Brigades Under Threat – Who’s Scaremongering?

October 23, 1997
“The member for Dubbo has chosen to seize upon a circular of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union which makes mention of a proposal under discussion by the Joint Fire Services Standing Committee. But it is only that: one proposal, among […]
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