September 12, 2003

Inside this notice:

  • Award negotiations begin
  • Senior firefighters eligbility to sit SOPP
  • Salary Sacrifice – Stargarden claims another victim
  • Breakfast allowance dispute
  • Inspectors acting up to Superintendent
  • Eligibility for Rescue Allowance
  • Rank Insignia – Higher Duties and the Crown
  • Policy reminder re Police Operations
  • Policy reminder re Helmet Stickers – Its your choice
  • Eagan’s Fire Service funding review

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February 12, 1998

It is understood by the Union that their is some confusion in Zones N1 & N2 over the proper procedures with respect to the allocation of relief duties on the Central Coast.

It is both Union and Departmental policy (as reflected in In-Orders 1994/11) that where relief is required for the Central Coast, the following applies: [Read more]

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July 15, 1996


The Union’s claim in relation to the tax dispute was agreed to in a joint meeting with the Department and Public Employment Office on Thursday 11 July 1996 at 1755 hours. After weeks of Departmental bumbling and stalling, the Union’s bans clearly had the desired effect of bringing the Department to the negotiating table. [Read more]

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March 4, 1996

The Department’s long-documented abuse of the Acting-Up arrangements concerning Leading Firefighters has caused the Union to impose further limitations upon Acting-Up by members. The self-explanatory resolution carried by the Special General Meeting of members held 21/22 February is as follows: [Read more]

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