September 2, 2005

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  • Safe and effective crewing of appliances
  • Your rights at work – heading west
  • Brogden [Read more]
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August 14, 1998

Members at 35 Station would by now be aware that the Union and Department have reached agreement for the reduction in minimum staffing at Botany from Station Officer and four firefighters per platoon to Station Officer and three firefighters per platoon. Whilst the rank and file endorsed this reduction at the June Special General Meeting, the Union’s elected officials have agreed to an early reduction at 35 Station to allow our country staffing proposal to proceed. [Read more]

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January 5, 1998

Several members have recently questioned the minimum qualified staffing required for 260’s Fire Rescue (Salvage) appliance. In 1996, the Union’s State Secretary responded to a member’s query by stating that:

“The minimum is for 2 registered (SRB) operators as required by State Rescue Policy. That Policy provides minima may also be achieved by responding another appliance with rescue operators on board – they need not be on the same appliance. However, the Union continues to demand that two registered operators staff Salvage/Rescue appliances.”The member also asked “Should two qualified operators be rostered on these appliances at all times, and if so should overtime be worked regardless of normal or excess manning existing?”, to which the State Secretary replied: [Read more]

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