September 18, 2009

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  • Meal & travel allowance increased from 1 July 09
  • New Zealand firefighters left out in the cold
  • Retained probation resolved
  • Gym equipment
  • New Industrial Staff

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October 24, 1998


On July 17 the Union issued a notice to all members (following on from previous notices dated May 11 and 13) which concluded by advising that “the PFU filed a comprehensive application to the Employment Court and the High Court for injunctions against the mass sackings and the mass cuts to the NZ Fire Service.”

On Thursday 15th October, the NZ court decision was handed down. In summarising a very lengthy judgment, the Court found that:

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July 17, 1998

The Union issued notices to members on May 11 and 13, advising that the NZ Fire Service had just informed all of NZ’s 1600 professional firefighters that their jobs would be “disestablished” by July 1 – that is to say, they were being sacked.

The NZ Professional Firefighters Union (PFU) commenced a campaign to inform the public of the consequences of the management “restructure”, which features: [Read more]

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May 13, 1998

I write further to Monday’s notice advising that NZ Fire Service management had written to each of the 1700 professional firefighters last Thursday telling them they had been sacked. Not surprisingly, the NZ Professional Firefighters Union (NZPFU) was not very impressed – least of all the sacked members! The NZPFU has retaliated with a public and legal campaign of opposition to the mass sacking of its membership, which is what most people might expect a Union which was fighting to save its membership’s job to do. Not management though! [Read more]

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May 11, 1998

In the most concerted attack ever on professional firefighters, New Zealand Fire Service management has announced that every professional firefighter will be sacked by July, and replaced by new “Fire Officer” positions. The ‘dis-established’ firefighters will have to compete for the reduced number of new positions available alongside volunteers and the general public. 100’s of jobs will disappear.

The similarity to the Australian waterfront dispute is no coincidence. Like the MUA (and FBEU), the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union (NZPFU) has 100% membership amongst the country’s professional firefighting staff. Like ‘honest’ Chris Corrigan’s Patrick Stevedores, NZ Fire Service management have one real goal in mind – to de-unionise the existing workforce. With the Union out of the way, management will be able to carve up jobs, wages and conditions with ease. [Read more]

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