September 20, 1996

Members would be aware of the arrangement negotiated by the Union for the provision of three days per year unsupported Sick Leave, as set out in In Orders 1996/7.

The six-month trial period concluded Thursday 12th September, although the joint review between the Union and Department has not yet taken place. The Union is waiting to participate in the review, although the Department is yet to indicate when exactly this will be.

In the interim, the Department has agreed to commence the second six month phase of the trial. Members who accessed two unsupported Sick leave absences in the first six-months will now have access to a further single day. Members who accessed one such day will have access to a further two days, and members not accessing any will have access to three separate unsupported Sick Leave days.

Although the joint review is yet to take place, the Union now expects that agreement for the full six month extension of the trial will be reached. If this occurs, it is expected that a comprehensive review of the impact of the unsupported Sick leave concept will then be undertaken.

Members are again called upon to respect hard-won conditions such as Sick Leave, the unsupported concept being no exception. If, as the Union initially insisted, there will have been a reduction in overall Sick Leave absences then members can expect the unsupported concept to extend indefinitely. However, if it is abused then this arrangement will be lost.

Members will be advised of the outcome of the review immediately thereafter.

Chris Read

State Secretary

20th September, 1996



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