NO BLOOD FOR OIL – Protest this Sunday, 16 February

February 11, 2003

This coming Sunday 16th of February is an international day of action against the coming war in Iraq. More than ten million people around the world are expected to march in protest.

In Sydney the Coalition Against War – uniting trade unions, community groups, political parties and churches – is holding a rally at midday, Hyde Park. Tens of thousands will show their opposition to the war and Australian involvement.

The U.S. Government appears determined to attack Iraq, on the basis of the Iraqi regime’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. The UN weapons inspectors cannot find them. The U.S. cannot prove their existence. If the Iraqis have retained any such weapons since the last war they are minimal compared to the arsenals of other nations in the region, particularly Iran and Israel. The war is far more about access to oil, and control of the region generally, than any concern for peace or human rights.

This is clearly an issue for firefighters. Destabilising the Middle East will make the world a more uncertain and dangerous place. The Howard Government’s enthusiastic endorsement of Bush’s war rhetoric identifies us as a target, placing firefighters on the front line of any political violence in this country. In New York over three hundred firefighters died in the Twin Towers attack. It can happen here, and the more involved our government is in any U.S. war in Iraq, the more likely we will become a target.

FBEU members and their families are invited to march with their Union on Sunday 16th. Members intending to do so should meet at the Union office, 267 Sussex Street at 11.00 am.

Chris Read                                                                                                    Darryl Snow
State Secretary                                                                                             President



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