Civilian technicians at HAZMAT

April 5, 2005

The Union has agreed to a once only period of three (3) months appointment of two (2) civilian service technicians at the BA/Hazmat Section Greenacre till 30th June 2005. Should a firefighter or firefighters apply for these positions within this three (3) month period they are to be vacated by the civilian occupants immediately. These positions are and remain advertised positions for NSWFB firefighters and this agreement is an interim arrangement to allow talks between the Department and the Union on the correct placement of firefighters into these positions, as well as help to address a current backlog in servicing.These civilian technicians are the responsibility of the Manager BA/Hazmat and should; report for duty, work, and finish duties under the supervision of the Manager BA/Hazmat. Station Officers at the BA/Hazmat Section Greenacre are not responsible for the working supervision of these civilian service technicians and are only to supervise their presence in the same way as that of non-firefighting personnel from the NSWFB Logistics Support Unit or external trades people working within the areas of the Station Officer’s responsibility.   


Craig Harris
State Secretary                                     Tuesday 5th April, 2005



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