SitRep 50/2021

September 10, 2021

COVID Update

FRNSW has just now shared its revised pandemic restrictions document.

We will look over it and determine its suitability before we meet with FRNSW to discuss. At this early stage we are unable to say whether we agree to their revised document and for that reason both the Level 4 Pandemic Restrictions – Confine as per the  Code Red from 20 August 2021, and the original contactless changeover document as found here are still in place.

This restricts firefighters to perform Out-duties, Stand-By’s and Relieving within their own Zones. Furthermore, firefighters are restricted to one movement which means you should be relieving based on prior notice and not reporting to your base station. Attending your base station is considered one movement after you have entered, and you are then required to stay at that station or preferably where possible be sent home, prior to entering the station.


Agents for Health (Declarations of Compliance)

Despite positions and processes agreed to between the FBEU and the COVID IMT, we are disappointingly still seeing sections of FRNSW acting outside of these agreements and seeking “declarations of compliance” with Public Health Orders. This is not in line with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 and as such private information should be recorded as per the Code Red of 8th September which can be found here.


Workplace Bullying and Harassment

The FBEU have received several reports from members regarding bullying and harassment in the workplace, specifically around COVID related issues. This is unacceptable behaviour, and failure for FRNSW to take steps to ‘prioritise measures that foster and protect the psychological health of employees’ can result in a breach of WHS laws.

We want to commend our loyal members and delegates who are stepping up where the employer will not in complying with the Code Red, the Level 4 Restrictions, and the controls they put in place to protect us from environmental exposure to Covid-19.

We, like many others, are concerned with the absence of our Commissioner. In a time when guidance and leadership is most needed, we seem to be left with teenagers running amuck while Dad’s away. Maybe hibernating?

Some direction from the top may help alleviate this rogue activity that we are seeing.


What to do if you experience bullying

For further advice on what to do if you are exposed to bullying and harassment in the workplace please refer to the guides which can be found at:

We also advise that you report all workplace bullying and harassment through the usual FRNSW channels and to contact the FBEU office or your Sub-Branch Secretary for additional support.


FBEU Election 

Members are reminded that the closing date for nominations for State Secretary and President is 1700hrs 17 September. Nomination forms need to be returned to NSW Electoral Commission prior to end of next week and can be found here.


In Unity,

Martin Dixon
Acting State Secretary

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