SitRep 58/2021

October 15, 2021

  • AFA Stop Code ban lifted
  • Level 4 Pandemic restrictions still in place
  • Retained Pagers in Dispute


AFA Stop Code ban lifted

The FBEU CODE RED issued 25th September 2021 banning chargeable AFA codes was put in place when FRNSW went after members who followed the instruction. After discussions with FRNSW an agreement has been reached and these matters have been resolved. Therefore, members are advised that as of 1800hrs, 15th October 2021, the Code Red is lifted.

Level 4 Pandemic restrictions still in place

This week FRNSW provided the FBEU with their plan to transition from lockdown into the “new “world. Your union will work with FRNSW over the coming weeks to help make the move back to business as usual as safe and smooth as possible. The CODE RED regarding level 4 restrictions issued 20th August will remain in place until further notice. More to follow….

Retained Pagers in Dispute

On 2 September, we issued a Code Red on the new pagers that FRNSW is rolling out to staff. Despite FRNSW being aware of the Code Red, we are informed that they have started turning off RTAS/phone-based fire calls for staff.

FRNSW has ignored the glaring risks involved in turning phone-based fire calls off, and has willingly and negligently allowed it to be turned off knowing that our members are following the Code Red. This has put Firefighters and communities at major risk.

Today, we filed a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission asking for an urgent hearing so we can argue in favour of an interim order stopping FRNSW from turning off any more phone-based fire calls and requiring them to turn them back on for people who have had them turned off.

We know that 93% of our Retained members want to keep the phone-based fire call system going in some way, and we will do what is necessary to make it happen. Once we have our urgent hearing, we will have more to share. In the meantime, we encourage you to contact with your thoughts on whether the phone-based fire call system should continue.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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