SitRep 12/2024

March 4, 2024

INDUSTRIAL CAMPAIGN – Call to action Tuesday & Wednesday

Following on from last Monday’s campaign actions, and the continued disrespect being shown to FBEU members by the Minns Government, the State Committee has met to deliberate on further escalating our industrial campaign.

As committed, the Union will continue to ramp-up campaign actions across the state until such time as the Minns Government can come to the table with an offer.

Commencing this week, the Union will be calling on off-duty members to participate in rallies at the following locations:

Tuesday (tomorrow) 10am Wollongong
Available off-duty members are to contact Illawarra Sub-Branch Rep Andrew Clarke for full details on 0425 330 139. Further actions will be commencing tomorrow morning in central Wollongong.

Wednesday 11am Parliament House, Sydney
Available off-duty members are to meet 11am at the rear of Parliament on Hospital Road for a briefing with FBEU Officials prior to marching on Macquarie Street.


ComSafe Code Red

The Code Red regarding ComSafe (non-chargeable AFAs) will remain in place until an apology is received from FRNSW and proper consultation commences. You can see our letter from today by clicking here. The compliance with the Code Red should be heartening to ComSafe members knowing that all FBEU members are behind supporting those positions.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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