SitRep 33/2024

May 9, 2024


At the 2023 FRNSW Open Day, a newly elected Minns Labor Government proudly posed with FBEU members from across the state. A year on, FBEU members are still waiting for the Minns Government to deliver on key reforms to our Award(s) and to NSW Presumptive Cancer legislation.

Open Day this Saturday is an opportunity for all of us to ensure that the visiting public understand that professional firefighters have had enough.

Stations may also be visited by MPs from across the political spectrum, many who will require a reminder as to what FBEU members mean when we say ‘Respect, Protect, and Value Your Firefighters’. See here for the talking points.

On Saturday, when talking to members of the public or other visitors such as MPs, FBEU members should:

  • Chalk your trucks with the campaign message ‘RESPECT, PROTECT, VALUE YOUR FIREFIGHTERS’;
  • Wear your campaign or union t-shirts;
  • Ensure that station noticeboard signs only have campaign messaging on them;
  • Record statements of support from the community and send the photos and video to;
  • Get community members to scan the QR (here) and support our campaign to expand NSW Presumptive Cancer Legislation by mailing their local MP;
  • Make sure your conversations and messaging are respectful and professional but also honest.

A detailed copy of these instructions can be found here.

Any queries, questions, or concerns about the application of the Code Reds on the day should be directed to your SCOM representative in the first instance.

Lastly, a reminder, if at any time while taking these actions any member is concerned that participating in the actions in compliance with the code reds poses any risk to you, a colleague and/or a member of the community, you should immediately cease taking the action and contact the FBEU directly for further instruction.


In Unity,

Leighton Drury
State Secretary

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