Award Negotiations Begin And More

September 12, 2003
Inside this notice: Award negotiations begin Senior firefighters eligbility to sit SOPP Salary Sacrifice – Stargarden claims another victim Breakfast allowance dispute Inspectors acting up to Superintendent Eligibility for Rescue Allowance Rank Insignia – Higher Duties and the Crown Policy […]
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Use Of Relievers

February 12, 1998
It is understood by the Union that their is some confusion in Zones N1 & N2 over the proper procedures with respect to the allocation of relief duties on the Central Coast. It is both Union and Departmental policy (as […]
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Tax Dispute Win

July 15, 1996
BAN’S LIFTED ON RELIEVING, OUT-DUTIES AND ACTING-UP The Union’s claim in relation to the tax dispute was agreed to in a joint meeting with the Department and Public Employment Office on Thursday 11 July 1996 at 1755 hours. After weeks […]
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Acting-up Instruction

March 4, 1996
The Department’s long-documented abuse of the Acting-Up arrangements concerning Leading Firefighters has caused the Union to impose further limitations upon Acting-Up by members. The self-explanatory resolution carried by the Special General Meeting of members held 21/22 February is as follows:
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