Sitrep 55/2023 – Welcome Commissioner Fewtrell

October 30, 2023
FBEU welcomes Commissioner Fewtrell I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of our membership, to congratulate long-time FBEU Member Jeremy Fewtrell on his appointment as the new FRNSW Commissioner. As a firefighter and FBEU member for almost three […]
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Code Red – Station Service Delivery Plans

July 14, 2023
In July 2022, the FBEU and the Department started consulting on two additions to the Station Planning System. Part A was the introduction of additional data, gathered from ESS, SRS, SAP, SSRM, ORP and SPS into the one place. The […]
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More Firefighters And Less Station Closures

May 22, 2009
In Order 2008/22 Rolled Back Again On Tuesday 19th May FBEU members pressured the NSW government to commit to employing more retained
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