Code Red – Station Service Delivery Plans

July 14, 2023

In July 2022, the FBEU and the Department started consulting on two additions to the Station Planning System. Part A was the introduction of additional data, gathered from ESS, SRS, SAP, SSRM, ORP and SPS into the one place. The FBEU has and always will support Firefighters being provided with more data. The more concerning addition was Part B, the “station service delivery plans”, which were pitched to the Union as a way for stations to identify actions the station will undertake over the coming year, to “address their local capability and training gaps”.

Throughout the several meetings held, and many letters and emails, the FBEU has consistently supported Part A and maintained that it has concerns with Part B. Requiring SOs and Captains to undertake new work, for Inspectors to guide and review these plans, and for Superintendents to approve them, is new work no matter what way you look at it. FRNSW has so far refused to provide a wage increase to Permanent staff for the new work, and a wage increase and/or an increase to Authorised Hours to Retained for the new work.

Despite the FBEU refusing to endorse Part B without resolving the issue of pay and conditions, the Department rolled out the new system on 1 July.

Effective immediately, the following is to be adhered to:

  • Any participation in Station Service Delivery Plans by SOs, Captains and crews is voluntary, and no Firefighter can be forced to participate in the plans.
  • Inspectors and Superintendents are allowed to review and approve the plans on a reactionary basis only. This means that senior officers must not direct crews to participate in the plans and can only review and approve the plans if submitted to them by crews on a voluntary basis.

This instruction remains in place until lifted by the State Secretary.

In Unity

Leighton Drury
State Secretary


A printable version of this Code Red can be downloaded here.