Sitrep 31: Pay Negotiations, Awol Aps And Pink Tagging

June 16, 2023
Update on Award Negotiations  FRNSW and the FBEU were in the IRC for conciliation on the Awards yesterday but before I update you, I think it’s important we remind ourselves of some relevant context. As you all would be aware, […]
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Sitrep No. 38/2010

September 22, 2010
Inside this issue: GREAT moves to the IRC LSV's - is the sky really falling? Union Centenary and AGM on 21 October
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Leading Firefighter Promotions

October 1, 1998
The Union office has received a great deal of correspondence on the question of Leading Firefighter promotions to Station Officer after January 1, 1999.
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1996 March Special General Meeting

March 13, 1996
Members are hereby advised that in accordance with Rule 11, a Special General Meeting of members shall be held in two parts to consider the questions set out below. Details of the meeting are as follows:
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