November 12, 2002

Instruction to all FBEU members, State Rail Authority Fire Service

I refer to the direction from State Rail management that SRAFS “staff are not to be exposed to situations and conditions where they are required to wear such protective equipment” and further, that “all Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment is to be removed from all appliances”. Read more…

November 12, 2002

On blue watch, officers are angry at the ‘derisory’ offer

Owen Bowcott
Tuesday November 12, 2002
The Guardian Read more…

November 11, 2002

Fair trade, not free trade –

Say NO to the WTO 

Read more…

November 1, 2002

In this notice:

  • D&D update
  • Industrial dispute – who’s to blame?
  • Meals and Refreshments
  • Briefly…

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October 26, 2002

The UK Fire Brigade Union’s (FBU) 52,000 members this month voted 9 to 1 vote in favour of national strike action in support of their claim for a 40 per cent pay rise which would take their basic salary from £21,000 a year to £30,000. Unless there is a breakthrough then Britain’s professional firefighters (including 16,000 retained FBU members) will work off the job from 0900 hours this coming Tuesday, 29 October. Read more…

October 24, 2002

The spirit of the narks

The government’s denunciation of the firefighters has echoes of a murky industrial past, writes Seumas Milne

The Guardian, Thursday October 24, 2002 Read more…

October 22, 2002

By picking a fight with the FBU, Blair has opened a dangerous front

By George Galloway

The Guardian, Tuesday October 22, 2002 Read more…

October 4, 2002

For almost as long as the now well out of date Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Rural Fire Service has existed the Union has fielded a glut of calls from members deeply disturbed about the manner in which it, and the two fire services, operate. Read more…

September 26, 2002
  • In this notice:
  • Permanent Recruit Entry Requirements
  • Pre Incident Planning
  • First Aid Accreditation
  • MAA’s and Boundary Variations

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August 26, 2002

Following on from a SMH article a few months back, it was again reported in yesterday’s Sun Herald that RFS Commissioner Phil Koperberg remains on target to be a Labor candidate in the State election to be held on 22 March 2003. Read more…

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