November 26, 1997

Due to the united industrial action of permanent and retained members over the last month, the Department today accepted the Union’s terms for settlement. [Read more]

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November 22, 1997
  • This dispute is NOT about one member, it is about principles which affect ALL members: job-security, fitness testing, off-duty injury & superannuation.
  • It DOES affect both permanent and retained members.
  • The Dept., through the BMO, continues to refuse to return a member to firefighting duties after a workers compensation injury – not because of that injury, but because the employer now alleges him to be “obese”. [Read more]
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November 21, 1997

The Union’s State Committee of Management met today to consider the current dispute, resulting in a unanimous decision to escalate the Union’s industrial action. A notice will follow separately in order to provide further information for members. However, the Commissioner’s latest “Duty of Care” message should be dismissed for the rubbish that it is. Every member should be under no illusion – this dispute is not about 1 member. The Commissioner today confirmed to your elected officials that it WILL impact on EVERY member, permanent and retained. It’s really about your job-security, and superannuation. [Read more]

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July 30, 1997

Members may have recently had their request for the attendance of FIU to at an incident denied – particularly between the hours of 1800 and 0800 hours. This is due directly to Asst. Commissioner Hume’s attempts to crush the FIU as we presently know it, and to “restructure” the entire Fire Prevention division at Chullora without consultation or agreement with the Union and its members. [Read more]

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March 5, 1997

Re: Interim Accommodation Protocol

Thankyou for your favourable response to the Union’s proposal regarding the subject, dated 28 February, 1997.

In relation to the “minor variation” reserved by the Department in respect of the 48hrs notice provision, the Union appreciates the Department’s concerns and proposes the following form of words in an effort to overcome the contingencies discussed; [Read more]

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February 27, 1997

Despite the eagerly anticipated and (by early indications) correct payment of all retrospective wages increases to permanent members on 27th February, the Department has now managed to bungle the tax.

All members should be aware that the Department’s payroll system failed to deduct tax from members’ regular fortnightly wages and allowances in the pay for period ending 27/2/97. [Read more]

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February 19, 1996

The three separate resolutions concerning payment of the allowances were endorsed by the rank and file across all centres, with the Department accepting the position on permanent and relieving/relief operators. However the Department has rejected the Union’s proposal for what were previously the Provincial Comms centres. This was anticipated, with the Department refusing to pay any more than the rostered number of operators per shift (Alb, Turv 1, Gosf, Kat 2). [Read more]

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January 19, 1996

Distributed to:  State Fire Command Alexandria, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford, Katoomba, Albury, Turvey Park, Lismore

As reported previously, the Union and the Department met on 22 December, 1995 to discuss the mechanism for paying the agreed new allowances in Communications Centres across the State. [Read more]

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