10/14 UNDER ATTACK FIU/Fire Safety Dispute Worsens

July 30, 1997

Members may have recently had their request for the attendance of FIU to at an incident denied – particularly between the hours of 1800 and 0800 hours. This is due directly to Asst. Commissioner Hume’s attempts to crush the FIU as we presently know it, and to “restructure” the entire Fire Prevention division at Chullora without consultation or agreement with the Union and its members.

The FIU was actually taken off the 10/14 roster, without agreement, and placed on back to back for the last five weeks. Union pressure forced the Department to move back to the 10/14 this morning at 0800 hours, and members should continue to call upon the Unit when they believe its attendance is warranted. However, many of the Department’s threats to Fire Prevention remain, both to the gains for the section and the members which have been fought for, won and defended over the last 10 years and more.

The (approx.) 30 Inspector and Station Officer members attached to FIU, Fire Safety and Public Education walked off the job last Wednesday, July 23 for a one hour stop-work meeting. It was the first direct strike action by this Union’s members for several years, and serves to indicate the level of anger and disgust felt by the FBEU senior officer members on site.

The Union is now demanding that:

  1. the FIU’s OIC position be immediately filled,
  2. the Unit remain on the 10/14 roster,
  3. the 10/14 roster positions be maintained at all times, including weekdays, in accordance with long standing arrangements and Point No. 2 above,
  4. the recently adopted practice of denying operational staff access to the services and expertise of the FIU, particularly between 1800 hours and 0800 hours, be abandoned,

5.   there be no further restructuring of the Fire Prevention Division, nor   amendment of its roster, roles or functions, without full consultation and agreement with this Union and its members.

All members should now be prepared for rapidly escalating industrial action.

Chris Read

State Secretary

Wednesday 30th July, 1997



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