Letter to Department regarding Interim Accommodation Protocol

March 5, 1997

Re: Interim Accommodation Protocol

Thankyou for your favourable response to the Union’s proposal regarding the subject, dated 28 February, 1997.

In relation to the “minor variation” reserved by the Department in respect of the 48hrs notice provision, the Union appreciates the Department’s concerns and proposes the following form of words in an effort to overcome the contingencies discussed;

The Department will notify the firefighter where reasonable, at least 48hrs in advance of their intention to utilise Options 1,2 or 3. In the absence of such notice, the firefighter can elect to automatically receive Option 2.

The circumstances in which it would be not be deemed reasonable to provide 48hrs notice shall include, but not be limited to the following;

where personnel have not provided the Department with their current address particulars

  • where off duty personnel cannot be located at their nominated address
  • where time does not permit short listed personnel filling an extraordinary vacancy

Your earliest advice appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Kirsten Cameron

Industrial Officer

for State Secretary


5 March, 1997

Mr. Ian MacDougall


New South Wales Fire Brigades

PO Box A249


Att: Leigh Bray

Dear Sir,



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