June 25, 2009

The Australian Electoral Commission’s Returning Officer has today formally declared the final result of our Union’s elections for the term 2009-2012. There were 6108 ballot papers issued and 1957 returned, 1918 being formal (31%). [Read more]

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June 5, 2009

The result of the Union’s 2009 ballot for a new State Committee of Management has been delayed until June 23rd 2009. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) [Read more]

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May 14, 2009

All Union members throughout NSW will soon be getting ballot papers mailed directly to their homes in the Union’s election for new leadership. [Read more]

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April 3, 2009

Following advice from the Australian Electoral Commission received this morning – nominations for all 14 positions on the Union’s committee of management will now remain open for a further two weeks. [Read more]

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March 27, 2009
Nominations which open on Tuesday 31st March 2009 are called for:

[Read more]

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August 1, 1996

Following the recent resignation of Comrade Aub Smith from the position of Operational Commander (10/14) Committeeperson on personal grounds, the State Committee of Management has directed me in accordance with the Union’s Rules to call for nominations for that position on Inspectors’ Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the remainder of the term 1996-1999. [Read more]

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