March 22, 2009

The Union’s triennial elections for its fourteen member State Committee of Management are set to open next week and it is vitally important that all members take their opportunity to vote. On this basis it is extremely important that members who have changed address notify the Union as soon as possible so the electoral roll can be altered and a postal ballot will arrive at your registered address. [Read more]

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May 12, 1997

On Friday 9th May, the Australian Electoral Commission formally declared the results of the 1997 elections for the United Firefighters Union of Australia, NSW Branch Committee of Management. The UFUA Branch Committee of Management elections jointly serve as the NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union, State Committee of Management elections under Section 239 of the NSW Industrial Relations Act 1996. The details are provided over.

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April 23, 1997

The general elections for both the NSW Branch of the United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) and the NSW Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU) are currently under way. Whilst the UFUA and FBEU are technically two separate organisations, arrangements exist for the UFUA NSW Branch office holders elected in the current ballot to be automatically declared elected to the corresponding positions in the FBEU. Therefore, in this election members are electing representatives for both the NSW Branch Committee of Management, and the FBEU State Committee of Management for the term 1997 to 2000. [Read more]

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June 13, 1996

The State Committee of Management has directed me in accordance with the Union’s Rules to call for further nominations for the Inspectors’ Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the term 1996-1999, given that all positions on the Executive Committee were not filled at the close of nominations April 12, 1996. [Read more]

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March 20, 1996

All member workplaces have received notice from the Union’s Returning Officer calling for Sub-Branch Executive Committee nominations. Elections are currently being held for all Sub-Branch (Inspectors’, Retained, Country, Newcastle and Illawarra) Executives. All financial members are eligible to nominate for their Sub-Branch Executive, with a ballot of all members of that Sub-Branch to be held, if necessary, following the close of nominations. [Read more]

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November 15, 1995

Your Union “How To Vote”

Members would be aware that following Union industrial action, agreement from the Department was finally reached to establish seven OH&S Committees, including a Central Committee. [Read more]

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