November 15, 1995

Your Union “How To Vote”

Members would be aware that following Union industrial action, agreement from the Department was finally reached to establish seven OH&S Committees, including a Central Committee.

The Union’s State Committee of Management determined that only those Union Officials contesting the Central Committee should be officially endorsed, the remaining Committees being elected from your colleagues in each Regional Committee as you determine can best look after your local health and safety.

OH&S is a crucial issue – one that is at the heart of your job as a firefighter and one that demands a strong Union involvement to ensure the protection of your safety/welfare. The Central Committee is designed to tackle those issues which cross Regional boundaries (such as Personal Protective Equipment), and it’s vital that your Union’s elected representatives continue to represent your interests in an issue as fundamentally industrial as your health and safety at work.


for Central OH&S Committee

1   Leon Cattini (FBEU Junior Vice-President, 51stn. “B”)

2   Bob Kinsela (FBEU Region NW rep., 77stn. “C”)

3   Peter Newton (FBEU Region Nth rep., 24stn. “D”)

4   Simon Flynn (FBEU President, 1stn. “C”)

Chris Read

State Secretary

15th November, 1995



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