July 23, 1996

Two new Regulations under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 1983, have recently come into effect.  These regulations have direct bearing on two areas of concern to firefighters, namely hazardous substances and noise exposure.

Occupational Health and Safety (Hazardous Substances) Regulation 1996, and the associated

  • Code of practice for the control of workplace hazardous substances 1996.

The Regulation aims to protect workers from both the short and long term health effects of hazardous substances and to improve current health and safety practices.

Occupational Health and Safety (Noise) Regulation 1996, and the associated

  • Code of practice for noise management and the protection of hearing at work 1996.

The Regulation aims to eliminate or minimise risk associated with occupational noise exposure through the adoption of a comprehensive noise management system.

The Union is currently pursuing compliance issues with the Department. A full report will be provided in the next issue of the Union journal

Information regarding the new Regulations is attached.

Chris Read

State Secretary

23 July, 1996



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