July 28, 1997

An error has been identified in the Relieving Guide which was previously sent to permanent stations and delegates. Example C, under the subheading “MULTIPLE RELIEFS”, should have read as follows:

Example C

Firefighter Black’s base is 17 station (Drummoyne). Black is given prior notice to start at City of Sydney. He is then directed to relieve at 5 station (Newtown). Upon arrival at 5 station, he is directed to relieve at 20 station (Hurstville) where he works until the conclusion of the shift.

Matrix distances:          17 -> 1             14 km

1   -> 5             10 km

5   -> 20                       24 km

20  -> 1                        32 km

Firefighter Black’s entitlement is :

Base Rate                                                                             $18.00

Movement with Notice

(17->1)  14km @ $0.68/km                                             $9.52

First Move (1->5) 5 km @ $0.68/km                           $3.40

Second Move (5->20) 12km @ $0.68/km                    $8.16

Third Move (20->1) 16km @ $0.68/km                        $10.88

Total Claim:                                                                        $49.96

Previously the guide stated that Firefighter Black was only entitled to 7km for the movement prior to the start of shift. This is incorrect due to the fact that firefighters retain ALL entitlements for movements prior to the start of shift (ie. forward and return). Therefore, Firefighter Black’s correct entitlement for the Movement with Notice is 14km.

An amended copy of the guide (dated 26 July 1997) has been enclosed. Please discard any earlier versions in order to avoid confusion. Further copies may be obtained by contacting the Union Office.

Iain Bailey

for Chris Read

State Secretary 28 July 1997



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