Clarification of D&D fund statements

January 4, 2007

Those members who are covered by the Death and Disability Award should have received their annual statements from the Death and Disability Fund recently. We’ve had some inquiries from some members whose statements indicate they don’t have any entitlements under the D&D Fund.

The reason for this is that the D&D Fund only provides benefits for Death and Total and Permanent Incapacity (TPI), either on or off duty. All Partial and Permanent Incapacity (PPI) benefits (on or off duty) provided by the D&D Award are paid directly by the employer, not the D&D Fund.

For example, some permanent members who are in SASS, and who elected not to relinquish their ABC cover, and took the 0.5% PPI-only cover are only entitled to PPI benefits, and not Death or TPI benefits.

This is similar for those retained members who, by virtue of their primary employment, are members of certain defined benefit funds.  Those retained members remain covered for PPI benefits under the D&D Award, but not Death and TPI benefits.

Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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