2.5% for Retained members

April 1, 2008

The Retained Sub-Branch meeting held over last weekend to consider the Union’s draft Award application and authorise the State Secretary to seek an interim award concluded at 9am yesterday morning with near-unanimous support for the recommended motion (450 members in favour and only 3 against). Unfortunately, a further 22 votes supporting the motion could not be counted due to a lack of quorum of at least 7 members at each meeting.

With overwhelming membership endorsement, the Union yesterday lodged both the interim award and special case award applications with the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). The tables below therefore compare the previous rates of pay and allowances with the 2.5% increase for retained members which will come into effect from today upon the IRC’s making of a new 6 month Interim Award. The Union’s special case application will now be heard by a Full Bench of the IRC in hearings set down for August and September this year.


Old Rate

New Rate

Monthly retainer – Captain A



Monthly retainer – Captain B, Deputy Captain A



Monthly retainer – Deputy Captain B



Monthly retainer – Firefighter A



Monthly retainer – Firefighter B



Monthly retainer – Firefighter C



1 hour – Captain



1st hour – Deputy Captain & Firefighter Levels A, B and C



Subsequent half hour – Captain



Subsequent half hour – Deputy Captain &

Firefighter Levels A, B and C



Kilometre allowance – per km



Stand by rate – per hour



Royal Easter Show – Captain per hour



Royal Easter Show – Deputy Captain &

Firefighter Levels A, B and C



Whilst these new rates take effect immediately, the Department has advised that it had insufficient notice to make the necessary adjustments in time for the next pay period. Where the necessary amendments could not be made in time, members’ pays will therefore be adjusted to give effect to these rates by way of backpay in the following pay period.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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