What we offer firefighters collectively

Higher Rates of Pay– one of the key roles of the FBEU is to maintain and improve the earnings of our members.

Improved Conditions– through award development and negotiations with management the FBEU strives to improve employment conditions.

Improved Legislation– the FBEU lobbies governments and makes submissions relating to fire service and other legislation and regulations so as to enhance the position of its members.

Protection and Enhancement of Fire Services / Job Security– the FBEU constantly strives for the expansion of professional fire services thereby improving the security of its members jobs and enhancing levels of fire protection in local communities.

Improved Superannuation– the FBEU has a role in enhancing your financial position in your retirement as well as while you are working. The development of a new improved superannuation scheme for firefighters employed by the New South Wales Fire Brigades was a commitment gained in the recent award negotiations.

Influencing Industry Issues– the FBEU represents its members on a host of high level committees and consultative forums. These forums deal with a vast range of issues including strategic planning, training & career development (including CBT), new appliances & equipment, and work procedures.

A Say in Wider Issues– the FBEU is actively involved in broader social, economic and political debates within the community.