Why should you join?


The Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) has effectively represented the interests of professional firefighters in NSW, both permanent and retained, since 1910.

Issues facing you as a professional firefighter are democratically handled through a network of elected Union Delegates, Sub-Branches, the Union’s State Committee and ultimately, by direct rank and file involvement through General meetings of the Union. The Union’s officials are all serving firefighters who remain operationally active throughout the State. Only FBEU members have a say in the direction of the Union – and what we want for our industry.

Should you require assistance in any matter, ranging from pay problems to unfair dismissal, the FBEU can represent you in a number of different forums including: negotiations with management, disciplinary investigations, the Worker’s Compensation Court & the Industrial Relations Commission. The FBEU has a solid financial base and is able to afford the highest level of support to its members.

The FBEU is the only organisation for firefighters which can advance and protect your wages and conditions. So if you want to have a say in the negotiation of these and other issues, you need to become a member of the Union.

Over the years the FBEU has campaigned for improved training, protective clothing, employment conditions and equipment for all professional firefighters. Because the FBEU also actively lobbies for improved fire services, your membership will not only help the FBEU protect and improve your job but also the level of fire protection available to the community.

In addition to the Union’s elected representatives, the FBEU employs professional staff, organisers and industrial officers, to support members and pursue matters on behalf of Union members throughout NSW.

How much does it cost?

The dues for permanent/full time members are governed by the Union’s registered rules, and are set at less than 1% of the weekly rate of pay of the most junior FRNSW permanent firefighter rank. Any increase in dues is directly linked to further firefighter wage increases.

The dues for retained members are governed by the Union’s registered rules and are amongst the cheapest union dues in Australia. They are set at 20% of the dues paid by permanent firefighter members.

What’s more, your Union dues are fully tax deductible.

Current Rates:

Permanent members  – $29.72 per fortnight

Retained members – $5.94 per fortnight

When should I join?

The Union does not provide support to non-members, and as a rule cannot be expected to support new members seeking assistance for problems which occurred prior to joining the Union. Every day that you delay joining the Union is a day that you are without protection.

Our high density keeps us strong.

How do I join?

You can download a membership form here.

Return it to your delegate or the Union Office.

For further information regarding membership benefits and other Union services, please contact the Union Office.

Telephone: (02) 9218 3444
Fax: (02) 9218 3488
e-mail: office@fbeu.net