Permanent Members Covering Retained

June 1, 2007
Ongoing confusion amongst some permanent members as to whether it was necessary to recall a Station Officer in the first instance for all retained staff shortages has resulted in the State Committee’s adoption of a policy resolution to clarify the […]
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Superannuation Tax Cuts

May 18, 2007
The Howard Government announced sweeping changes to the taxation of superannuation in its May budget including the removal of tax on superannuation payouts once a person reaches 60 years of age.  What it hasn’t announced is that it is currently […]
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How Relevant Is May Day?

April 27, 2007
This year’s May Day motto is the “struggle to repeal anti-working class laws”- a clumsy phrase that sounds like its been found in the pages of a dusty old textbook. Despite that, it’s a safe bet that for the 107 […]
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State Labor Returned

April 2, 2007
The return of the lemma government at the recent state election came as no surprise to anyone as the policies of the major parties were revealed. The question now becomes what can we as firefighters expect from this government?
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New Easter Show Rates

April 2, 2007
Negotiations have resulted in agreement being reached between the Union and Department for the insertion of two new sub-clauses into the Retained Award ( and 6.8a) to cover members working at Sydney’s annual Royal Easter Show, including significant increases in […]
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4% Payrise For Retained Members

April 2, 2007
The next 4% pay rise for permanent members took effect on Friday 2 March and will appear in retained members’ pays this month. This is the final increase payable under the current award before it expires in March 2008, and […]
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Bans Lifted – Foam Now Taken Seriously

March 30, 2007
Bans on the use of 3M AFFF foam concentrate are now lifted on the strict proviso that the foam is used only on major ‘B’ class fires and only where no other method of extinguishment is available – until all […]
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All 3m Afff Banned

March 29, 2007
All members are instructed not to use 3M AFFF foam concentrate either carried on your appliance or in your station’s store. If you have any doubt about the type of foam you are being asked to use you and your […]
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Update On Foam

March 27, 2007
This afternoon the Department and the Union met for a briefing about the current bans on the ‘3M AFFF’ foam concentrate and how best to deal with it without exposing FBEU members to unacceptable risk. During that meeting the Union […]
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